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Payment of Fees

Payment of fees:

Three payment options are available to secure school placing after receiving the Offer Letter from the school (for new students) or after sending the re-enrolment form to the school (for current students):

  1. Pay the full amount due in one single payment
  2. Pay the deposit of 2,000 € and two equal instalments due on the first week of the 1st term (September) and then the first week of the 2nd  term (January).
  3. Pay the deposit of 2,000 € and the rest through a monthly payment plan arranged with the Finance Office. The direct debit authorisation form “mandat de prélèvement SEPA” must be signed.

Payment methods:

  1. By cheque made payable to "Kingsworth International School"
  2. By bank transfer
    • Bank: BNP Paribas (Branch : Paris La Muette)
    • International Bank Account N° (IBAN): FR76 3000 4003 6400 0101 8442 214
    • Bank Identifier Code (BIC): BNPAFRPPPAK
    • All bank charges for transfers and foreign payments are the responsibility of the payer. Please indicate the student’s name on the bank transfer in order to avoid a possible administrative delay of payment record.
  3. Online payment


  1. The signature of the student’s parent(s) or guardian(s) on the application form, the re- enrolment form, or the registration form implies the acceptance of the school’s Fee Policy.
  2. Sibling reduction: A 10% remission on tuition fees is offered to the siblings of the student.
  3. Late arrival: For students who join the school during the course of the school year, tuition fees will be prorated using the academic term basis.
  4. Early departure: A full term’s notice of the intention to withdraw a student from the school must be given in writing by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt “letter recommandée avec accusé de reception” at least one month before the beginning of the term. The reimbursement will be prorated using the academic term basis (five terms per school year) but it cannot be greater than 50% of the annual tuition fees. No reimbursement of other fees will be allowed.
  5. Late or non-payment: The school reserves the right to suspend students from school for any late or unpaid invoices. No diplomas, transcripts, reports, or references will be issued for students whose financial obligations to the school have not been fulfilled. Interest charges will be applied on the amount outstanding at the annual rate of 12%.