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Head Teacher's Welcome


Welcome to Kingsworth International School, where we take pride in nurturing curiosity, creativity, and imagination, whilst fostering a life-long love of learning.  Education and learning are not merely commodities which one leaves abandoned in a school locker, only to be dusted off at examination times, or brought out in order to make an impression at a social gathering (or to please the teacher), but should be cherished and valued throughout our lives.  To paraphrase Doctor Johnson, when a man is tired of education, he is tired of life.

Education should ideally work to build a like-minded community, whose members are committed to a timeless and sustaining principle of integrity, coupled with respect and compassion. We face a world of increasing complexity and challenge in which learners need to define who they are and how they can contribute meaningfully to that world. 

Kingsworth hopes to encourage young learners, facilitating their ability to discover and fulfill their potential, concurrently encouraging their ultimate development into fully-fledged individuals, with their feet firmly placed on the ground.  We aim for life at Kingsworth International School to be both happy and fruitful, for students, as well as educators.  Sports, science, art, music, literature and the liberal arts, including theatre, will be underpinned by those core values we deem to be essential and important.

Kingsworth International School’s highly dedicated team of teachers will be responsible for engendering that unique and affirming spark that all students possess, kindling a genuine life-long love of enquiry, knowledge, open-mindedness and social awareness, with most importantly, an ability to think for themselves.

Welcome to Kingsworth International School!


Head Signature

Stephen Jankowski